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Atrium Stair Half-landings
The Atrium
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20th century
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
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View looking across the Atrium to the three half-landings on the atrium stairs. Location: The Atrium, City Campus, Sheffield Hallam University. Description: Different sets of references mark each of the three landings: tools and saw blades; drill bits, nuts and bolts; cutlery blanks. The overall radial layout is meant to suggest growth. Commission: Sheffield Hallam University. Comment: Design refers to Sheffield's industrial history. The colour scheme is consistent with the Lead Artists' recommended palette, and for simple practicality the number of colours reduced to five. A plaque on the stair rail reads: "ATRIUM STAIR HALF-LANDINGS / Artist: Mary Dengler 1993 / Achieved with support from DLW Flooring Ltd / Art for the Community" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Art for the Community' (A document written by Peter Downey, Special Projects Co-ordinator for Sheffield Hallam University. Written before Phase 2 of the City Campus Developments (Campus 21) of which the latest completed phase is The Adsetts Centre) ------------- The University has created the "Art for the Community" programme in response to the City's "Percentage for Art" requirement. The programme should be seen not as a constraint but the creation of opportunities. The Contractor is deemed to be conversant with the Conceptual Blueprint, the first stage of a five part strategy to realise the public art programme for Campus 21. That document outlines:- a philosophy for public art on the City Campus; a consideration of the 'Campus Image'; four 'Design Environments'; a methodology for the integration of artworks and the involvement of others; an indication of the methodology for the identification of themes and sites; statements on 'Identification and Orientation', Landscaping and Access. The "Art for the Community" programme aims to be flexible and adjustable focusing upon the opportunities for the integration of work by artists and craftspeople in the building. These are opportunities for artists, architects and other design professionals to work collaboratively with the Contractors contributing specific elements of the project. The contractor will be required to facilitate this integration in conjunction and liaison with the University. ------------- Peter Downey also added the following comment: The 'Art for the Community' programme is a dynamic, evolving through experience and opportunity. The spaces - internal and external - were always seen to be as important as the buildings. Now, as those spaces come into existence, it is equally as important for the programme to utilise them to enhance the experience of the public who pass through them in their daily lives.
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Public Art Policy in Sheffield. For more information see also < > for documents relating to Public Art Policy.
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